Hybrid Angular Momentum Transport and Dynamics

820. WE-Heraeus-Seminar

27 Oct - 31 Oct 2024


Physikzentrum Bad Honnef

Scientific organizers:

PD Dr. Timo Kuschel, U Bielefeld • Dr. Matthias Althammer, WMI Garching

In the field of magnetism and spintronics, the transport of spin angular momentum and associated magnetoresistance effects enabled the advent of spintronic applications in modern information technology. At first sight, the fact that spin angular momentum is a non-conserved transport quantity and can be transferred between different (quasi-)particles in a solid state environment seems like an important obstacle for angular momentum based information processing. Over the last years, research showed that the transformation and transfer of angular momentum between different solid-state entities, such as electrons, magnons (quantized excitations of the magnetic lattice), phonons, and photons, unlock coherent and incoherent coupling phenomena between these (quasi-)particles. These coupling phenomena provide access to novel applications reaching from quantum information processing to more efficient classical computing schemes. Especially, they allow the realization of hybrid concepts combining magnetic and non-magnetic materials with the perspective to profit from unique functionalities arising due to coupling phenomena. In this WE-Heraeus seminar, we want to bring together the different scientific communities working on hybrid systems for angular momentum transport and dynamics. We have identified six research areas that we want to represent to facilitate
scientific exchange between these different research fields: (i) cavity-mediated magnon coupling, (ii) coherent magnon-phonon transport and dynamics, (iii) magnonics and ferronics, (iv) electron-magnon interactions, (v) orbitronics and (vi) antiferromagnetic spintronics. From our perspective, there is substantial overlap between these separate fields and common themes, which can jumpstart new developments and new research ideas.

The conference language will be English. The Wilhelm and Else Heraeus-Foundation bears the cost of full-board accommodation for all participants.