Breakthroughs in Physical Sciences


08 Nov 2023



Scientific organizers:

Prof. Dr. Thomas Elsässer, Max-Born-Institute Berlin • Prof. Dr. Oliver Benson, Humboldt University Berlin


As part of the Falling Walls Conference and the Berlin Science Week, the Falling Walls Foundation has invited leading science institutions worldwide to nominate the latest breakthroughs and outstanding science projects in ten different categories, "Physical Sciences" being one of them.

In Physical Sciences the Falling Walls organizers were looking for internationally recognised, established academics, leaders and research groups in the observation and understanding of natural phenomena of the earth, atmosphere and space (e.g. chemistry, physics, astronomy), whose significant work and recent achievements contribute towards solving the world’s biggest challenges.

A distinguished, international jury has selected ten winners, among them the Breakthrough of the Year 2023, who will present their award-winning work at the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus-Symposium on 8 November 2023 in Berlin.

Participants of this symposium will get the opportunity to discuss these ground-breaking achievements in an interdisciplinary circle of international experts and young scientists.

Further information on Falling Walls Breakthroughs of the Year

The conference language will be English.

This symposium is part of the Berlin Science Week 2023.