Charge Noise in Semiconductor Spin Qubits

WE Heraeus Fast Track Workshop

09 Jun - 10 Jun 2022


Rüschlikon, Switzerland

Scientific organizers:

Dr. Andreas Fuhrer, IBM Rüschlikon • Prof. Dr. Guido Burkard, University of Konstanz

With this WE Heraeus Fast Track Symposium on charge noise in spin qubits we would like to bring together experts from Europe and overseas to discuss the origins and impact of charge noise in spin qubit devices. We believe that this timely topic requires a very focused technical meeting with a small group of participants that have a strong technical background on this topic. We will exchange ideas and findings regarding quantitative comparisons of charge noise in different spin qubit platforms, mitigation strategies (improved materials and fabrication, surface treatments, filtering) and operation at sweet spots which reduces the noise sensitivity while preserving operation speed. To compare a large range of silicon and germanium-based platforms (holes and electrons, MOS, Ge and Si quantum wells and GeSi nanowires) we include in our discussion also questions related to nuclear spin noise and valley splitting which are not directly linked to charge noise but give rise to related trade-offs.

The goal of the symposium is to come up with standard characterization methods and a joint understanding of the impact of materials and fabrication processes on charge noise, and assess the strategies to resolve these issues.