Advanced microscopy – physical concepts and impacts in life sciences

Bad Honnef Physics School

11 Jun - 17 Jun 2017


Physikzentrum Bad Honnef

Scientific organizers:

Joerg Bewersdorf, Yale University • Christian Eggeling, Oxford University 

The school covers fundamentals as well as recent developments in modern microscopy research with a focus on biological applications. Topics include the physical foundations (geometrical and wave optics, fluorescence) and a comprehensive overview of the latest techniques including super-resolution microscopy (single-molecule approaches like PALM and STORM, targeted switching approaches like STED and RESOLFT, structured illumination microscopy), light-sheet, non-linear microscopy, plasmonics, label-free microscopy, force measurements, X-ray and electron microscopy, correlative microscopy and image processing. Additionally, examples of their biological application and insights into the industry landscape and career paths are discussed.

The target audience are doctoral and Master’s students but the School is also open to individuals at a more advanced stage of their career. A physics background is assumed.