Physics of Bacteria

Bad Honnef Physics School

04 Aug - 09 Aug 2019


Physikzentrum Bad Honnef

Scientific organizers:

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Gerland, TU München

Physicists interested in the basic principles of living systems are often drawn to bacteria as model systems. Indeed, bacteria are arguably the simplest autonomous living systems, and they are well suited for quantitative experimental and theoretical analyses. However, despite their relative simplicity compared to eukaryotic systems, the complexity of bacterial metabolism, gene regulation, signalling, and cell biology can still be overwhelming for physicists entering the field. Also, those already working on one aspect have often not yet had the opportunity to look into the physics of bacteria from a broader perspective. This school addresses both of these groups. It offers a set of lectures that provide important biological background knowledge and cover many of the various physical approaches, as well as physical questions about bacteria, which are currently being pursued. At the same time, the school provides an opportunity for the participants to learn about each others research projects through poster sessions and flash talks.