Plasma-Astroparticle Physics

Bad Honnef Physics School

20 Jan - 25 Jan 2019


Physikzentrum Bad Honnef

Scientific organizers:

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rhode, TU Dortmund • Prof. Dr. Julia Tjus, RU Bochum 

The vibrant field of astroparticle physics encompasses the production, the propagation and the detection of cosmic particles, and of electromagnetic radiation at all wavelengths. The field is based on strong roots in astronomy and plasma physics at the one hand, and on cosmology respectively particle physics on the other hand. Acceleration and propagation of large particle populations are commonly described by means of plasma physics, whereas the - rare but crucially important - interactions of particles from this populations are described by calculation and simulation techniques from the field of particle physics.

The observations are conducted with telescopes detecting not only astronomical sources but also particle properties, and by particle detectors employed for astronomical observations. At the crossroads of this rapidly evolving research avenues, this school will present the most recent state of plasma-astroparticle physics. It is aimed at Master- and PhD-students and comprises of lectures accompanied by practical tutoring, which is meant to give further insights into specific topics (focus on astro-, plasma- or particle-physics to enlarge the students' background in fields they as of yet have not had the opportunity to actively work). Students will also be given the opportunity to present their own research in short contributions.