SMEFT’2022: Theory and Phenomenology of the Standard Model EFT

WE-Heraeus Summer School

11 Jul - 15 Jul 2022


Universität Siegen

Scientific organizers:

Dr. Jason Aebischer, Excellence Cluster Universe, Garching • Prof. Dr. Thomas Mannel, Universität Siegen • Dr. Javier Virto, MIT and Technische Universität München

Testing the Standard Model and searching for New Physics are among the main priorities in High-Energy Physics. Whether or not new particles are directly produced at the LHC, indirect searches will remain crucially important to test the Standard Model, search for new physics, and if found, to fingerprint it. Indirect searches are best framed in the context of Effective Field Theories (EFTs). Since new degrees of freedom appear to be at scales much above the Electroweak scale, the most relevant EFT for the low-energy description of physics at the scale of current experiments is the Standard Model Effective Field Theory (SMEFT). At lower energies the SMEFT must be matched to other EFTs, such as the Weak Effective Theory (WET). Mastering the tools surrounding the SMEFT is a necessary skill for any future researcher in the field of particle physics. The objective of this school is to provide PhD students and young postdocs with a comprehensive package of lectures and exercise sessions which will allow them to understand the literature in depth and start contributing to the research in the field immediately.