Active Matter and Complex Media

WE-Heraeus Summer School

26 Sep - 07 Oct 2022


Institut d'Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse, Corsica, France

Scientific organizers:

Prof. Chaouqi Misbah, LIPhy, Université Grenoble Alpes, France •  Prof. Walter Zimmermann, Universität Bayreuth

The field active matter is a field that took a very surprising and dynamic development during the recent years, including studies of natural systems, developing for instance controlled active colloidal systems, using computer simulations and extending or introducing new theoretical approaches. A school bundling basic knowledge in this dynamic field as starting point of further research directions is timely.

A special emphasis of this school is for instance on recent developments how bacterial and artificial microswimmers behave in complex media, in stationary
flows or in time-dependent fluid motion, including promising applications. It is also on the transition to collective behavior in active matter (particle) systems such as for example about resembling demixing phenomena in active colloids or cells communities etc.. Do these and other examples share common system spanning properties and for what might they good for in nature? To pave the way for inspiring discussions on recent developments we will have a number of tutorial talks on experimental, theoretical and simulation aspects as well as invited talks about recent developments at the forefront of current research.

This two-weekly school in the informal and inspiring environment at the conference center in Cargèse is according to the experience over many years at the one hand an appropriate format to introduce newly entering people to the flourishing field active matter and to bring them to the forefront of current research in the (sub-) fields. On the other hand experienced, international leading people from different fields have during their longer stays plenty of opportunities for inspiring exchanges and to start international collaborations.