Transport Mechanisms in Biological and Synthetic Nanopores and -channels

648. WE-Heraeus-Seminar

16 Jul - 21 Jul 2017


Jacobs University - Bremen

Scientific organizers:

Prof. U. Kleinekathöfer • Prof. M. Winterhalter, Jabobs University Bremen • Prof. M. Wanunu, Northeastern University Boston/USA

Nanoscale pores and channels are ubiquitous in biological systems while artificial nanopores and -channels are being fabricated for an increasing number of applications. Biological pores are responsible for the transport of various ions and substrates between the different compartments of biological systems separated by membranes while artificial pores are aimed at emulating such transport properties.

The aim of this WE-Heraeus seminar is to bring together scientists working synthetic and biological nanopores and -channel both from theory and experiment. With this seminar we would like to bridge gaps and search for common ways on how to elucidate mechanisms of molecular transport through nanopores and -channels. One key feature is to understand the relationship between structures and functions of nanopores and -channels.

The workshop will consist of invited lectures but also some contributed talks. We particularly invite junior scientists during their PhD or PostDoc to apply. The program will leave plenty of time for discussion, and all participants are encouraged to present their work in a poster session.