International Conference on Quantum Fluid Clusters – QFC 2019

696. WE-Heraeus-Seminar

19 May - 22 May 2019


Physikzentrum Bad Honnef

Scientific organizers:

Prof. Dr. Marcel MudrichProf. Dr. Henrik Stapelfeldt, U Aarhus/DK

The next Quantum Fluid Clusters conference, QFC 2019, will be organized from 19th till 22nd of May 2019 by Marcel Mudrich and Henrik Stapelfeldt as a the 696. WE-Heraeus-Seminar at the Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany. QFC 2019 is the 12th occurrence of the QFC conference series. The focus of the seminar is to stimulate the research on atomic clusters, in particular helium nanodroplets, which are strongly influenced in their properties by quantum mechanical many-body effects. It covers both fundamental aspects such as superfluidity and quantum vortices, as well as application of QFC as flying nano-cryostats for probing and synthesizing cold molecules and exotic nano-complexes. The seminar is interdisciplinary in nature, involving physics and chemistry in equal measure. Likewise, it addresses both experimentalists and theoreticians, and a panoply of different experimental and theoretical methods will be presented. In this way, the seminar provides a unique forum for the exchange of knowledge, technical knowhow, and ideas with a clear focus on QFC. Each topical session is preceded with an introductory lecture to give in-depth introductions to selected QFC-related topics of particular current interest.

Further information can be found at this website

The conference language will be English. The Wilhelm and Else Heraeus-Foundation bears the cost of full-board accommodation for all participants.