Lattice‐based Quantum Simulation

726. WE-Heraeus-Seminar

28 Nov - 01 Dec 2021


Online Seminar (MeetAnyway)

Scientific organizers:

Prof. Marzena Szymanska, U College London, UK • Prof. Jacqueline Bloch, CNRS, France • Dr. Paulo Santos, PDI Berlin

Quantum simulation, the use of a controllable quantum system to mimic the operation of other, more complex quantum systems, provides a pathway for solving quantum problems with a complexity level not accessible by classical computers. This quantum technology is presently classified as a leading approach to solve complex many-body problems with potential applications in the design of new materials and drugs. The WE-Heraeus Seminar aims at bringing together experts in this emerging field to train students (at the MSc and PhD Levels) and young researchers interested in the area and discuss recent developments in a stimulating and informal atmosphere. The three-day seminar will consist of 17 tutorial-like lectures (50 min long) as well as 8 specialized talks (approx. 25 min long) covering topics such as (i) theoretical basis for quantum simulation, (ii) state-of-the-art of different platforms for quantum simulation (e.g., optical lattices of cold atoms, superconducting qubits, photonic simulators); (iii) novel concepts for scalable quantum processing and simulation exploring strongly coupled light-matter states, (iv) theoretical models for strongly correlated and dissipative systems, and (v) application of topological protection for robust quantum simulation. The scientific program will be complemented by poster sessions where the participants can present their results and discuss them with experts in the field. The exchange and cross-fertilization of ideas enabled by the seminar is expected to strengthen existing collaborations and foster new ones as well as enhance the visibility of the field.

The conference language will be English.