Simulation of Quantum Field Theories

795. WE-Heraeus-Seminar

04 Sep - 08 Sep 2023


Oberwölz, Austria

Scientific organizers:

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Alkofer, Dr. Simon Plätzer, PD Dr. Dénes Sexty, U Graz

Quantum Field Theories (QFT) are at the heart of understanding what makes up the matter around us and how its fundamental constituents interact. We can make some progress using methods which address the system either in the weakly or strongly coupled regime, however, the complexity and rich phenomenology which emerge from these elegant theories can only be accessed by sophisticated simulations of the system. State-of-the-art methods are formulated using a probabilistic approach, while quantum computing is now entering the field as a very promising tool alongside quantum simulation of QFTs. This seminar will bring together key players from the various facets of simulating QFTs with the aim to foster close exchange between established and quantum methods in the field, and in between perturbative and non-perturbative applications thereof. The seminar will therefore offer the opportunity to exchange ideas in between different central disciplines of theoretical physics and to allow the exploitation of the new ideas and possibilities in Quantum Information Science.