Superconductivity and Superfluidity: From Condensed Matter to Ultracold Quantum Gases

Brazilian-German WE-Heraeus-Seminar

14 Oct - 18 Oct 2024


International Institute of Physics, Natal, Brazil

Scientific organizers:

Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Pereira, UFRN, Natal/BR • PD Dr. Axel Pelster, TU Kaiserslautern/DE • Prof. Dr. Carlos Sá de Melo, GATECH Atlanta/USA

This Binational Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Seminar will bring together primarily scientists from Germany and Brazil to discuss the research frontiers in superconductivity and superfluidity in condensed matter and ultracold quantum gases. Scientists from other parts of the world will also participate and provide a global perspective of recent developments. In addition to plenary sessions, where leading experts on superconductivity and superfluidity will present their latest work, the seminar will have contributed talks by some young participants and poster sessions to disseminate widely the research of all attendees.

Superconductivity and superfluidity are fascinating macrosopic quantum phenomena that have been at the forefront of research for over one hundred years. New experimental capabilities, systems and samples have led to the discovery of unconventional superconductors with unusual pairing symmetry, to topological superconductors, to the evolution from Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer (BCS) to Bose-Einstein Condensation (BEC) superfluidity and to the emergence of supersolids. Novel discoveries in superconductors found in condensed matter physics will be compared to recent developments in the realm of ultracold quantum gases. In general, these two related many-body quantum phenomena are studied independently by condensed matter and atomic/molecular physicists, however this seminar presents a unique opportunity for scientists of these two communities to meet and share their most exciting findings, with the goal of establishing collaborations across fields and nations.

The conference language will be English. The Wilhelm and Else Heraeus-Foundation bears the cost of full-board accommodation for all participants.