The Second Quantum Revolution

Symposium honoring Alain Aspect

10 Nov 2017


Französische Botschaft, Berlin

Scientific organizers:

Prof. L. Wöste, FU Berlin • Prof. O. Benson, HU Berlin • Prof. G. Leuchs, MPI-PL Erlangen • Prof. W. Schleich, U Ulm

The symposium will be held in honour of Alain Aspect for his pioneering contributions in the field of quantum optics. It will bring together - for one day - at the French Embassy in Berlin highly motivated, young scientists and students mainly from Germany and France and world - leading scientists, amongst them three Nobel laureates. So, the event will provide a unique opportunity for the young scientists to entangle with the pioneers. Their presentations and the following discussions will focus on those scientific findings and breakthroughs, that led to „The Second Quantum Revolution“. Its far-reaching scientific and technological implications will largely be discussed.