Frontiers in Correlative Material Characterization: Samples, Techniques, Instrumentation and Data Management

Italian‐German WE-Heraeus-Seminar

02 Apr - 05 Apr 2024


Physikzentrum Bad Honnef

Scientific organizers:

PD Dr. Axel Neffe, Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon, Teltow •  Prof. Dr. Rafal E. Dunin-Borkowski, FZ Jülich • Dr. Regina Ciancio, Area Science Park, Trieste

Material characterization is essential for providing quantitative information about structure-function and structure-activity relationships in materials. This binational (German-Italian) seminar aims to bring together researchers working on correlative, multiscale and multimodal material characterization from a wide range of scientific disciplines, encompassing experimental technique development, modeling of materials and the development of hardware and software standards for combining data recorded using complemetary analytical techniques. Topics that will be addressed include approaches for sample preparation, sample transfer, the optimization of experimental workflows, data acquisition, data management, image registration, the use of artificial intelligence for image analysis and instrument control, and the creation of digital twins of materials and experiments. In addition to invited talks by experts in the field, scientists and students will be encouraged to contribute actively to the seminar through discussions through poster resentations.

The conference language will be English. The Wilhelm and Else Heraeus-Foundation bears the cost of full-board accommodation for all participants.