Invited Speakers

Spin Systems on Surfaces
Yujeong Bae (Center for Quantum Nanoscience, South Korea), ”Double Electron Spin
Resonance of Engineered Atomic Structures on a Surface”
Aparajita Singha (MPI Stuttgart), ”Engineering atomic-scale magnetic fields by
dysprosium single atom magnets”
Nicolas Lorente (Centro de Física de Materiales CFM/MPC), ”Theory of single-impurity electron spin resonance on surfaces”
Robert Drost * (Aalto University, Finland), ”Combining Electron Spin Resonance
Spectroscopy with Scanning Tunneling Microscopy at High Magnetic Fields”
Manuel Gruber (Uni Duisburg-Essen, Germany), ”Molecular Magnetism on Surfaces”
Superconductivity and Topological Materials
Giulia Serrano * (University of Florence, Italy), ”Quantum dynamics of a single molecule magnet”
Paolo Sessi (Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics, Germany), ”YSR states of quantum spins unconventionally coupled to superconductors”
Milan P. Allan (Leiden University, Netherland), ”Direct evidence for Cooper pairing
without a spectral gap in a disordered superconductor above”
Marie Hervé (Institut des NanoSciences de Paris, CNRS & Sorbonne University), ”
Stabilizing spin spirals and isolated skyrmions at low magnetic field exploiting vanishing magnetic anisotropy”
Markus Morgenstern * (RWTH Aachen University, Germany), ”Experimental identification of two distinct Skyrmion collapse mechanisms”

Bruno Schuler (EMPA, Switzerland), ”Engineering and probing atomic quantum defects in 2D semiconductors”
Jose Lado (Aalto University, Finland), “Moiré-Enabled Topological  Superconductivity”
Joseph A. Stroscio (NIST, USA), “Interplay of moiré and Landau level physics in twisted double bilayer graphene”
Felix Lüpke (Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany), “Quantum spin Hall edge states in twisted bilayer 1T’-WTe2”
Christian Lotze *(FU Berlin, Germany), „Moiré Tuning of Spin Excitations: Individual Fe Atoms on MoS2/Au(111)”

On-Surface Chemistry
Sabine Maier (FAU, Germany), “Metalated Graphyne-Based Networks as Two-
Dimensional Materials”
David Écija * (IMDEA, Spain), “Tailoring topological order and π-conjugation to engineer quasi-metallic polymers”
Oliver Gröning (EMPA, Switzerland), “Engineering of robust topological quantum phases • in graphene nanoribbons”
Markus Lackinger * (Deutsches Museum, Germany), “On-surface photopolymerization of two-dimensional polymers ordered on the mesoscale”
Anna Rosławska (IPCMS, France), “Mapping Lamb, Stark, and Purcell Effects at a
Chromophore-Picocavity Junction”.


Advanced Atomic Force Microscopy
Shadi Fatayer (KAUST, Saudi Arabia), “Molecular structure elucidation with charge-state control”
Franz Giessibl (Uni Regensburg, Germany), “Very weak bonds to artificial atoms formed by quantum corrals”
Daniel Ebeling * (Uni Giessen, Germany), “Constructing covalent organic nanoarchitectures molecule by molecule via scanning probe manipulation”
Angelika Kühnle (Uni Bielefeld, Germany), “Creating a regular array of metal-complexing molecules on an insulator surface”

* to be confirmed