Invited Speakers

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Albert Moser

    Power System Voltage Stability

  • Prof. Dr. Martin Schmidt

    Mixed-Integer Formulations for Energy Systems

  • Dr. Tanja Clees

    Modelling, Simulation, and Optimization of the European Gas Grid

  • Dr. Kathrin Goldammer

    Dispatch Optimization from Electric Vehicles to Power Plants

  • Dr. Tobias Weißbach

    Interconnecting Regions – A TSO’s Perspective on Distributed Energy Systems

  • Prof. Dr. Marc Timme

    From Collective Network Dynamics to Systemtic Risk in Power Grids

  • Dr. Mathias Duckheim

    Strategies for the operation and flexibility allocation of power grids with a large share of distributed energy resources

  • Dr. Iiro Harjunkoski

    Demand Side Management and its Applications in the Industry

  • Dr. Sheila Samsatli

    Methodological Approaches to Model Spatio-Temporal Energy Systems

  • Dr. Stefan Nykamp

    Challenges for DSO in Energy Transitions