Invited Speakers

Session: Aerosol Nucleation

Jasper Kirkby CERN, CH
Atmospheric aerosol nucleation and growth in the CERN CLOUD experiment

Joachim Curtius, Frankfurt University, DE
Aerosol formation in the Amazon region from Boundary Layer conditions to the outflow of deep convection: Insights on the molecular processes from the CLOUD experiment at CERN

Hanna Vehkamäki, Helsinki University, FI
Model and experiments to characterise cluster fragmentation inside an Atmospheric Pressure interface Time Of Flight (APi-TOF) mass spectrometer

Christopher Johnson, Stony Brook, US
A Cluster Spectroscopy and Ion Trap Thermochemistry Approach to New Particle Formation

Session: Formation of Secondary Organic Aerosols

Merete Bilde, Aarhus, DK
SOA formation and properties at different temperatures

A. Ault, Ann Harbor, US
Phase and Acidity Impacts on Heterogeneous Uptake Leading to Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation through Spectroscopy of Individual Aerosol Particles

H. Hermann TROPOS Leipzig
Multiphase Chemistry Contributions to SOA Formation

Thomas Berkemeier, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Formation and evaporation of organic aerosol from a kinetic modeling perspective

Session: Aerosol optics

Jonathan Reid, Univ. Bristol, UK
Probing the Microphysics of Single Secondary Organic Aerosol Particles

Yinon Rudich, Weizmann Institute, IL
Relationships between molecular composition change and organic aerosol optical properties

Ruth Signorell, ETH Zürich, CH
Multistep processes during efflorescence/deliquescence of single, optically trapped aerosol particles

J.- P. Wolf, Univ. Geneva, CH
Nucleation and dissipation of fog with ultrashort lasers

Session: Aerosol Physical Chemistry

Christian George, Univ. Lyon, FR
Interfacial photosensitized processes are key in particle growth under polluted conditions

Kevin Wilson, Lawrence Berkeley Lab., CA, USA
Interfacial Chemistry of Nanoparticles and Droplets

Margaret Tolbert NOAA, Boulder, CO, USA
Looking for Water on Mars...One Droplet at a Time

Allan Bertram, Univ. Vancouver, CAN
Diffusion coefficients in organic-water matrices and comparison with Stokes-Einstein predictions

Session: Emerging Technologies for Determination of Molecular Structure

Markus Amman, PSI Villingen, CH
Probing chemistry and structure at the surface of aerosol proxies

Michal Farnik, Prague, CZ (from Tue)
Uptake of atmospheric molecules by acid clusters

Christian Pfrang, University of Reading, UK (until Thu.)
Small-angle X-ray scattering of self-assembled lyotropic phases in single aerosol particles

Nonne Prisle, Univ. Oulu, FI
Exploring the potential for synchrotron radiation based methods to study organic aerosol-water interactions at the molecular level

Session: Aerosols as Ice Nucleating Particles

Angelos Michaelides, UC London, UK (until Tue.)

Claudia Marcolli ETH Zürich, CH
Ice nucleation: thermodynamic vs. molecular control

Barbara Wyslouzil, Ohio State Univ., OH, USA
Can freezing nanodroplets shatter?

Alexei Kiselev, KIT, DE
To freeze or not to freeze: competition between dynamic wetting and heterogeneous freezing in supercooled water droplet