Trends in Quantum Magnetism

673. WE-Heraeus-Seminar

04 Jun - 08 Jun 2018


Physikzentrum Bad Honnef

Scientific organizers:

Prof. A. Honecker, U Cergy-Pontoise/FRA • Prof. K. Penc, Wigner Res. Budapest/HUN • Prof. Roser Valenti, U Frankfurt/Main

Magnetism is an old subject: the material magnetite has been known for thousands of years. Yet, the richness of magnetic materials and phenomena continues to fascinate us with new ideas, problems, and concepts. The description of the interacting spins in magnetic insulators is a major chalenge for theory, and the precise understanding involves ingenious theoretical tools and advanced numerical methods, like tensor networks and Monte-Carlo methods. Recently, concepts of topology are being used increasingly also in the field of magnetism to describe states and excitations in materials. The ideas developed for magnetic Mott insulators are also applied to cold atoms in optical lattices, a new fast growing field of physics.

The topics that we expect to address in this seminar include:

  • Frustrated quantum Heisenberg systems: theory and experiment
  • Mott insulators with strong spin-orbit coupling and Kitaev spin liquids
  • Numerical methods: Variational and Quantum Monte Carlo methods, Exact Diagonalization, Tensor networks, Ab-Initio methods.
  • Spin-orbital models, including SU(N) models
  • Topological states of matter
  • Dynamics at zero and finite temperature

We expect about 90 participants. While the main focus of the seminar is a theoretical one, the invited talks include experimental ones in order to maintain the connection to the materials that we want to describe and which can realize some of the physics theorists are dreaming of. Poster contributitions from participants to the broad theme of the seminar are encouraged, including both theoretical and experimemtal contributions.

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