Invited Speakers

Session 1: Experiments
Chair:          Carmen Sanchez Valle

  • Prof. Leonid Dubrovinsky, Bayreuth University
    Structureal studies above 100 Gpa: surprises and challenges
  • Prof. Hauke Marquardt, University of Oxford
    Experiments on planetary materials in dynamically-driven diamond anvil cells
  • Prof. Stewart McWilliams, University of Edinburgh
    Beeing there: What to do with TeraPascal pressure experiments

Session 2: Ionized Matter
Chair:          Thomas Tschentscher

  • Prof. Dominik Kraus, University of Rostock
    Studying Ionization in Dense Plasmas
  • Ulf Zastrau, European XFEL, Schenefeld
    Time-resolved XUV and X-ray methods at high-intensity laser facilities
  • Prof. June Wicks,  Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
    Shock experiments on and off the Hugoniot
  • Dr. Nick Hartley, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Menlo Park
    High-pressure hydrocarbon chemistry relevant to planetary interiors

Session 3: Exoplanets
Chair:          Gerd Steinle-Neumann

  • Prof. Ansgar Reiners, University of Göttingen
    A guided tour through observations of planets outside the solar system
  • Szilard Csizmadia, DLR, Berlin
    Constraining the interiors of exoplanets by measuring the Love number k2f
  • Nadine Nettelmann, DLR Berlin
    Constraining the interior of fluid planets by using Love number measurements

Session 4: Ab-initio  materials in the TPa regime
Chair:          Ronald Redmer

  • Prof. Taku Tsuchiya, Ehime University
    Physical properties of Minerals in the Ultrahigh-ressure Planetary Interior Conditions from Ab Initio Computations
  • Dr. Martin French, University Rostock
    Ab-initio simulations for physical properties of molecular HCNO mixtures
  • Dr. Gerd Steinle-Neumann, Bayerisches Geoinstitut
    Phase transitions in silicates at the conditions of super-Earth interiors