Invited Speakers

Session 1: Interior structure and dynamics of exoplanets: rocky and icy bodies

  • Prof. Diana Valencia (U. Toronto)
    What have we learned about the interior structure of low-mass exoplanets?
  • Dr. Szilard Csizmadia (DLR Berlin)
    Constraining the interiors of exoplanets by measuring the Love number k2,f
  • Dr. Nadine Nettelmann (U. Rostock)
    Structure and thermal evolution models for Neptune-like planets

Session 2: Ab-initio simulation for planetary materials in the TPa range

  • Prof. Lars Stixrude (UC Los Angeles)
    Planet forming materials at extreme conditions
  • Dr. Martin French (U. Rostock)
    Ab-initio simulations for physical properties of molecular HCNO mixtures
  • Prof. Taku Tsuchiya (Ehime U.)
    Computational results for silicates at conditions of exoplanet interiors

Session 3: Experiments towards the TPa regime

  • Dr. Stewart McWilliams (U. of Edinburgh)
    Being there: What to do with terapascal pressure experiments
  • Prof. June Wicks (Johns Hopkins U.)
    Shock experiments on and off the Hugoniot
  • Prof. Hauke Marquardt (U. Oxford)
    Experiments on planetary materials in dynamically-driven diamond anvil cells

Session 4 Diagnostics of ionized planetary matter

  • Prof. Marcus Knudson (Washington State U.)
    Warm dense matter: What to look for?
  • Dr. Ulf Zastrau (European XFEL Schenefeld)
    Time-resolved XUV and X-ray methods at high-intensity laser facilities
  • Dr. Alessandra Ravasio (CEA Saclay)
    High-pressure chemistry of hydrocarbons relevant to planetary interiors