Photonic Links for Quantum Technology Platforms

749. WE-Heraeus-Seminar

31 May - 03 Jun 2021


Online Seminar (MeetAnyway)

Scientific organizers:

Dr. Nicholas Lambert, Prof. Harald Schwefel, U of Otago, New Zealand • Prof. Dr. Johannes Fink, IST Austria

Quantum information technology based on solid state qubits has created much interest in converting quantum states from the microwave to the optical domain. Optical photons, unlike microwave photons, can be transmitted by fiber, making them suitable for long distance quantum communication. Moreover, the optical domain offers access to a large set of very well developed quantum optical tools, such as highly efficient single-photon detectors and long-lived quantum memories. For a high fidelity microwave to optical transducer, efficient  conversion at single photon level and with low added noise is needed. A variety of physical implementations are able to provide the non-linearities essential for transduction. Researchers working on systems such as electro-optic crystals, magneto-optic materials, nano-mechanical devices and ensembles of cold atoms have all demonstrated prototype devices. Furthermore, a wide range of devices and platforms may benefit from quantum microwave - optical interconnects. With work in this area being carried out by researchers from disparate communities, there is a danger that the field becomes somewhat  fragmented.

This seminar will therefore bring together investigators from the many and varied areas that are interested in photonic links between different quantum systems. With particular focus on students and newcomers to the field, the seminar will cover the diverse physical systems used to demonstrate photonic conversion between quantum systems, and also cover the quantum information principles underlying the need for efficient transduction.

This event will be an excellent networking platform to stimulate various interdisciplinary and international collaborations.

The conference language will be English.