Re‐thinking Spintronics: From Unconventional Materials to Novel Technologies

776. WE-Heraeus-Seminar

04 Jan - 06 Jan 2023


Physikzentrum Bad Honnef

Scientific organizers:

J‐Prof. Dr. Angela Wittmann, U Mainz • Dr. Oleksandr Pylypovskyi, Helmholtz‐Zentrum Dresden‐Rossendorf

Spintronics is at the heart of modern research in the field of magnetism aiming towards the design of low-power, ultra-fast, robust and high-density storage and information processing devices. This has sparked an intensive search for new experimental and theoretical approaches to understand and manipulate existing systems and to design and develop new ones. Of particular interest is the possibility to utilize features of electronic bands and broken symmetry on an atomistic and micromagnetic scale. Materials with complex magnetic ordering pave the path towards novel, technologically promising static and dynamic properties in magnetic topological solitons and magnonic systems. Furthermore, recently developed techniques such as electron beam deposition or nitrogen-vacancy center magnetometry offer new avenues in geometry-driven applications and accessing subtle details of ordering at the nanoscale.

This Seminar aims to provide a platform for developing and formulating future pathways in the field of spintronics. The focus will be on four of the most promising and innovative areas of spintronics: design and engineering of novel material systems with a separate spotlight on antiferromagnets, charge-free data transfer and processing techniques relying on spin waves, and development of new tools in fabrication, characterization, detection, and analysis of planar and 3D architectures on the nanoscale. Leading experts will present the state-of-the-art, recent findings and open challenges in spintronics and kick-off a stimulated discussion on promising avenues in the field. Participants of the Seminar are invited to present their research at poster sessions.

The conference language will be English. The Wilhelm and Else Heraeus-Foundation bears the cost of full-board accommodation for all participants.