Invited Speakers

1. Opening / Evening Lecture

  • Dr. Charlie Bennett (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA)
    Quantum information's birth, growth, and significance
  • Prof. Leo Kouwenhoven (University of Delft and Microsoft, Delft, The Netherlands)
    1D hybrid nanowires of superconducting and semiconducting materials as a scalable platform for qubit circuits

2. Growth and Electronic Transport in Quantum Wires

  • Prof. Erik Bakkers (Eindhoven University, The Netherlands)
    Bottom-up grown nanowire quantum devices
  • Prof. Werner Wegscheider (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)
    Cleaved Edge Overgrowth – current status, perspectives and experimental challenges
  • Dr. Fabrizio Nichele (IBM Research – Zurich, Switzerland)
    InAs/Al two-dimensional electron gases
  • Prof. Peter Krogstrup (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
    Engineering electronic hybridization in epitaxial materials
  • Prof. Koji Ishibashi (RIKEN, Japan)
    Quantum structures with carbon nanotubes
  • Prof. Hongqi Xu (Lund University, Sweden & Peking University, China)
    Semiconductor InSb nanolayers: A new platform for developments of quantum and topological devices
  • Prof. Floris Zwanenburg (University of Twente, The Netherlands)
    Quantum dots and superconductivity in GeSi nanowires

3. Correlation Effects in 1D

  • Prof. Katharina Franke (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)
    From single magnetic adatoms on superconductors to coupled spin chains
  • Prof. Jan von Delft (LMU Munich, Germany)
    Multiloop Functional Renormalization Group: Computing Finite-Temperature Transport through Inhomogeneous Quantum Wires
  • Prof. Piet Brouwer (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)
    Quantum Tomography of Solitary Electrons
  • Prof. Vadim Khrapai (Russian Academy of Sciences, Chernogolovka, Russia)
    Heat conductance of an InAs nanowire proximitized by a superconductor
  • Prof. Eduardo Lee (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain)
    Andreev bound states in hybrid superconductor-semiconductor nanowire devices
  • Dr. Martin Stehno (Universität Würzburg, Germany)
    Topological superconductivity in HgTe-based topological materials

4. Helical States in 1D Systems

  • Prof. Jelena Klinovaja (University of Basel, Switzerland)
    Andreev bound states and Majorana fermions in helical 1D systems
  • Prof. Dominik Zumbühl (University of Basel, Switzerland)
    Edge State Spectroscopy with a GaAs Quantum Wire
  • Prof. Thomas Schäpers (Research Center Jülich, Germany)
    In-situ prepared nanowire-based Josephson junctions for qubit applications
  • Dr. Oleg Yevtushenko (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany)
    Helicity-protected transport in magnetically doped one-dimensional wires
  • Prof. Julia Meyer (CEA Grenoble, France)
    Multiterminal Josephson Junctions based on Helical States

5. Majorana Fermions

  • Prof. Charlie Marcus (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
    Vortices, Majorana zero modes, and quantum phase transitions in full-shell hybrid nanowires
  • Prof. Yuval Oreg (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)
  • Insulating phases of topological superconductors – the super-symmetric Majorana-zero modes point of view
  • Prof. Anton Akhmerov (University of Delft, The Netherlands)
    Majoranas in zigzag devices: Why shape matters