Invited Speakers

Clocks, Time, and Reference Systems
Sergei Klioner, (TU - Dresden): Time and reference systems
Tanja Mehlstäubler, (PTB - Braunschweig): Time in multi-ion systems
Volker Perlick,  (Universität Bremen): On the experimental characterization of standard clocks
Gérard Petit, (Bureau International des Poids et Mesures Paris): Atomic time, clocks, and clock comparisons in relativistic spacetime
Piet Schmidt, (PTB - Braunschweig): Quantum engineering optical clocks


Time and Gravity
Eva Hackmann, (Universität Bremen): On gravitomagnetic clock effects
Dirk Puetzfeld, (Universität Bremen): On the clock compass
Dennis Raetzel, (Universität Bremen): Geometry and causality of physical dispersion relations
Carlo Rovelli, (Aix-Marseille University):  evening lecture,The end of a black hole evaporation


Time in Quantum Physics
Abhay Ashtekar, (Pennsylvania State University at College Park): T-violation and generalized quantum mechanics
Martin Bojowald, (Pennsylvania State University): Time and clocks in extreme quantum regimes
Bianca Dittrich, (Perimeter Institute): Time and observables in loop quantum gravity
Klaus Fredenhagen, (University of Hamburg): Time in quantum physics
Philipp Höhn, (Okinawa Institute for Science and Technology): Equivalence of approaches to relational quantum dynamics in relativistic settings
Alexander R. H. Smith, (Saint Anselm College): Quantum clocks observe classical and quantum time dilation
Reinhard Werner, (Leibniz Universität Hannover): Time-observables in quantum mechanic


General Aspects of Time
Emily Adlam, (Rotman Institute of Philosophy): On quantum clocks
Julian Barbour, (University of Oxford): The Emergence of Time in a Unified Cosmos
Fay Dowker, (Imperial College London): Beginning of time?
Claus Kiefer, (University of Cologne): Arrows of time